Savage Media Studios

Design with Passion

  1. Web Design
    Web Design
    Savage Media Studios handles web media from image manipulation to complete site builds.
  2. 3D Modeling
    3D Modeling
    3D modeling, centered primarily around single-image renders and video game optimized models.
  3. Multimedia Design
    Multimedia Design
    From simple text vectors to complex image logos, Savage Media Group can create it!
Basic Web Design

Savage Media Studios utilizes a powerful, flexible HTML-driven builder that's available on a variety of hosting platforms. In fact, this very site was built with the same builder that we use for our clients. The result means that our more hands-on clients can keep up with their websites after they are built. For those who want to leave the building and upkeep to the professionals, we offer a full service month-to-month plan as well. 

E-Commerce Solutions
Savage Media Studios partners with a variety of stores to provide a top-notch e-commerce solution, with a variety of payment gateways and shipping options. 

Web Design Services & Pricing
Savage Media Offers a variety of services for Web Design and include a $200 non-refundable deposit. All sites are hosted with Homestead and include one email box. All hosting plans start at 21.99 per month except full service, in which the hosting price is included.

Website Build: $249 base price $99 per page, 3 page minimum (does not include hosting plan)
Full Service Plan: Initial Build Price, plus $99 per month (includes hosting plan). This includes unlimited future edits and on-demand service on an as available basis. 

E-Commerce Upgrade: $49 - 499 per month depending on number of products and store type.
3D Modeling

Savage Media Studios' 3D modeling capabilities use state-of-the-art software for both model and texture creation. Savage Media Studios specializes in hard surface modeling and Video Game models. 

3D Modeling Services & Pricing
Savage Media Offers a flat rate per work-hour for models depending on project type. All work-hours are logged.

Architectual Concept Render: $249 base price and $99 per work-hour. Includes 5 High Resolution 5K Renders. (does not include texture rendering)
Hard-Surface 3D Model: $99 - $499 base price, and $49 per work-hour. Includes model file and 2 High Resolution 5k Renders (does not include texture rendering)
Game Design Model: $249 base price, and $49 per work-hour. Bulk Model Creation pricing available on a per-project basis. (includes texture rendering)
Texture Rendering: $199 base price, and $79 per work-hour

Multimedia Design

Savage Media Studios is expanding to handle most multimedia projects that span across multiple platforms, such as web and print. This service isn't available yet, but will be soon.  

Multimedia Design Services & Pricing
-Please Contact for pricing and availability

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us at any time for any of your design needs. The Savage Media Group team is dedicated to perfection, and will stay in contact with you through the entire design process.

Savage Media Group is going through a growing phase. We appreciate your time and patience with us as we continue to find new and innovate ways to provide passionate design solutions for you.

We will get back to you soon!

The SMG Team